Let Me Introduce Y'all To...

This is long overdue, I know.

My bad!

Anyways, in this 4th installment of my "Let Me Introduce Y'all To..." series, I would like y'all to get familiar with my little sis and my mirror, Vanessa Gan.

Van and I are very much alike in a lot of ways, hence the 'My Mirror' moniker. There are times when our similarities spooks the shit out of me; it's scary, in a surreal way, to know someone whose thoughts - and to a certain extent, whose life - is very much like your own.

Van and I are like that.

The first time we met, we instantly clicked and from thereon, formed a bond that, despite our differences, only a brother-sister could really have. By a twist of fate, when I'm happy, so is she; when I'm at my lowest, so was she. There exists this cosmic-type of parallelism between our lives that even if we don't speak to each other at all, one goes through what the other is going through.

A fellow Burnetter - well technically, I no longer am but as they say, 'once a Burnetter, always a Burnetter - she's really a smart girl but she just doesn't have that belief in herself just yet. She has this problem of being easily satisfied; not really wanting to challenge herself to determine her full potential. She really needs to believe in herself to know how far she could go in her career and in her life and I know, when she finally starts believing in herself, she could and would go far in both her personal and professional life.

On a more personal note, when I met her, I instinctively knew I had to take care of her. She was like the sister I never had and I had this feeling that she needed me, somehow. I know it doesn't make a lot of sense but have you ever had the feeling that you had to be in someone's life but didn't know why? That is how I felt when I first met her.

She was this lost soul that I intuitively knew I was destined to sort of save, for the lack of better of word. But little did I know then, my saving her allowed me to become a better friend, a better person.

In as much as I was able to teach her life, Van, in her own ways, did the same for me. Of course, like any brother-sister out there, we have had our fall outs. There were times when I just felt like giving up for the things that she does but in the end, fate has made sure that the paths of our lives are so eerily parallel that when I was down, so was she.

I don't see her as often as I used to and while her stubbornness drives me crazy, I also know that, like me, she'll come around when she's ready. That's just how she is built and I can't really complain for I am very much the same.

As I am writing this, she's going through so much pain in her life and I'm sorry I couldn't really do much. I know the feeling of being rejected, despite the unconditional love and passion that one has, and while I could so relate, as I've said, her being my mirror, the only person who could really get her out of that doldrums is herself.

We could all try to lend an ear, a hand, a shoulder and what not; at the end, she is still the catalyst of her own miseries as well as her happiness. When she's ready to be happy, she would be.

That is my sister.

All I can hope right now is that she realizes that a lost love doesn't mean a lost life. That just because you lose someone you love so very much doesn't mean that you have to give up on life as well.

Hope. That is all anyone of us can do.


On a lighter note, I know My Li'l Girl would forever remember the spare bedroom in Van's house! LOL


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