It's Good To Know But...

I was told that My Li'l Girl is back from her self-imposed Facebook sabbatical and really, it's good to know that you are starting to live your life again.

I still don't understand though why you deleted your account in the first place; all you had to do was keep it private. But whatever it is, I’m just glad you are living your life once again.

Oh, if I may, I really hope you get to know the people around you - especially the new ones - before you place your trust in them.

I'm just saying.

And for what it's worth, you are someone very special, don't ever forget that. And in Desmon Hume Fashion, I'll see you in another life...


And to those of you who think that you'd get into my good books by continuously updating me on other people's lives, y'all are terribly wrong. I say, let them live their lives and more importantly, and please get this into your wannabe skulls; I AM NOT INTERESTED AND I DON'T WANNA KNOW!



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