I Intentionally Left Her Out But I Have My Reasons...

My Bad.

Some of my Malaysian readers, as well as some of my friends, cried foul and contacted me asking me how could I forget to include Malaysia’s very own YouTube phenom, Zee Avi, in my post yesterday.

Well, to be honest, it was intentional. And it’s not because I’m not a fan; I am. In fact, some of you who contacted me reminded me that it was I who introduced her to you guys.

I do love ‘KokoKaina’, I really do but I didn’t include her in my post because I didn’t want to be seen as being biased. I also didn’t include any Filipino personality for the same reason.

KokoKaina's Poppy (Click on the pic to watch the video)

But I agree, she is one of those whom one could consider as a YouTube success. Her story is a true 21st century tale of the way the Internet has transformed the music business and shrunk the globe in the process. I never subscribed to her channel but I have been following her since October 2007, just right after she posted ‘Poppy’.

Before she became Zee Avi, when she still covered her face because, in her own words, “i don't have one. Haha”, I was already a fan. I still am. But if I were to be honest, I actually miss KokoKaina; the one who wanted people “to focus more on the songs and not have the attention shifted elsewhere (not that there is anything much anyways. heh.)

I am elated that she has found success as she truly deserves it. And it makes me proud to be Malaysian to know that a countrywoman has made a name for herself in the ultra-competitive, dog-eat-dog world of the music business.

So yeah, I intentionally left her out because of the reasons underlined above. And in view of this, while revisiting KokoKaina’s music, and considering what I just went through, allow me to share with y’all my favorite number – Someone You Used To Know.

As always, click on the pic to watch the video.

My favorite KokoKaina song



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