I Have A Small Head :-(

People think my head shrunk!

Well, it looks as if it became smaller, y'know? I have very broad shoulders and when I lose weight, my cheeks sort of lose their chubbiness but the broadness of my shoulders remains, making it look as if my head actually shrunk.

I’m down to 68 Kg; yes, boo me, I’m skinny as fuck but trust me, it’s not by choice. Well, at least not down to this weight. I’d like to add 4-5 Kg once I’m fully recovered and putting on weight has never been really a problem for me.

As My Small Baby says all the time, quoting a Chinese proverb, I am one of those unlucky dudes who “gain weight by merely drinking water.”

On a different note, my hair’s growing but it’s not growing evenly :-( I’ma go for a haircut later to balance it out or at the very least, make it look more presentable.

Oh, speaking of haircuts, I say, if you’re girlfriend accompanies you to a barber, sit down there and find some form of entertainment with the way the barber cuts your hair, she’s a keeper.

Oh well.


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