'Full Circle' Defined

Full Circle: adverb; a series of developments that lead back to the original source, position, or situation or to a complete reversal of the original position — usually used in the phrase 'come full circle' - Merriam-Webster

According to the Urban Dictionary, 'Full Circle' is a "phrase that seems to make no sense by adding a thought then substracting that thought right back but when pondered it actually did have a meaning."

Basically, the phrase is a metaphorical expression - using the imagery of a 'circle' being completed to illustrate the meaning of the said expression, which in essence, means to come back to one's origin or to return to a position - and I don't mean in a geographical sense but more conceptual - from which something started off.

I don't think I just made sense! Did I? LOL

Anyways, after writing the previous entry about Van, I couldn't help but wonder if, say, the first and the last time you made love to someone and you didn't orgasm in both instances; does that count as 'coming (pun intended) full circle'?

Just wondering. That's all.


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