Ha! I Knew It!

Damn, I'm good!


I guess I've just been watching too much TV but if you recall, I once said that Idina Menzel is Rachel's mom and I was right!!!

In the latest episode of Glee (Episode 19), it was revealed that Idina, who plays the coach of a competing HS Glee, is indeed Rachel's mom. See, I told you!


Oh, the 'reveal' is also so sweet to me, personally, because they sang 'I Dreamed a Dream" from Les Miz, a show I watched with my family when it first debuted in Broadway when I was 14 or 15. Yes, you read it right. I was, once upon a time, a cultured human being but Hip-Hop corrupted me! LOL Hmmm... Maybe I should write another entry about that eh? We'll see.

Sorry for the quality of video and audio, I took it with my iPhone off the screen (Just click on the picture to watch)

Or if you want to listen to the actual song from that episode, click on the one below. Let me warn you though, it doesn't contain the scene but instead, I put random pictures from my iPhone.

Anyways, when I first wrote about Idina in Glee, I was kinda harsh but I still am of the opinion that if you don't know her, it means you don't know Broadway at all. But let me be nice today - as part of my desire to change - and tell you a little bit more of her.

Idina Menzel is a Broadway legend. She won a Tony (Oscar equivalent of Theatre) for Wicked. Oh wait, I did write (Defying Gravity) about that, didn't I? She was also in Rent as well a host of other successful Broadway shows.

And to those who love the Theatre, watching Idina Menzel and Lea Michele sing together is a wet dream come true! C’mon now, the stars of Wicked and Spring Awakening together? I bet millions would pay to watch that; I know I would.

When you've been with someone who is a filmmaker at heart for years, and add the fact that I was once Theatre-cultured, the ability to predict the story lines of shows and series just becomes a part of you.

And boy it is nice to be have that ability.


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