Goodbye Jack Bauer...

Just a day after the contentious and troublesome Lost series finale, one more ground-breaking Emmy-winning drama went off the air but with a much calmer and passive finale. It’s a disgrace that the finale of Jack Bauer is shaded by the end of Lost.

For 8 years – 9 actually but one year was wasted due to the writer strike – the world saw an unlikely hero, one who would go against anyone and everyone, including his own people and government, to do the right thing. I said unlikely because, in the current world, no one would go to the extreme to do what is right.

For 8 years and close to 200 episodes, I watched in awe. I was a huge fan of Jack Bauer and what he stood for. I may not always be as righteous as he is, but I am somewhat like him; I don’t give a fuck about what people think as long as I know I’m doing the right thing.

Jack Bauer: Hated by many, Love by a few, Respected (and feared) by all...

Truthfully, I wanted the finale to have a more tragic ending, like Jack brutally murdered. What else could a man who has lost everything live for? He’s lost so much in his quest to do what is right. Besides his daughter Kim, the only one he’s left with is the fiercely loyal Chloe.

In the finale, Jack is on his way out of the States to escape prosecution for the bloody murders of a lot of people this season. Ironically, it was the President herself who asked Jack to abscond; after all, it was really pointless being brought to perceived justice when he was the one who, more than anyone else, seek nothing but the truth and justice.

Besides the mind blowing extremities of what one man would do, the crazy adventures of a hunted yet respected agent and the non-stop action that the series has shown, the one thing that 24 taught us is what friendship should be.

Chloe O' Brien. A true and loyal friend. Where will Jack be without her?

Chloe was a true friend and even though, at times, she is seen as blind in her loyalty, the series finale has shown that she is also the one person that Jack would listen to.

And it is only fitting that in a tearful and what is perhaps the most poignant scene ever in 24 - besides Jack losing his wife in season 1 - Jack thanked Chloe for always having his back. And as the last scene played out, Chloe aptly uttered what would be the end of one of the greatest show on TV: “Shut it down…”

I can’t wait to watch the movie version and this time, I know that Jack Bauer will die. That is the only way to give justice to the greatest agent that ever lived on television.

In the end, there is only one way to describe Jack Bauer: Hated by many, Loved by a few, Respected by all...

Bye-bye Jack.


It's about time Mary Lynn Rajskub receives at least an Emmy nomination for her portrayal of Chloe O'Brien. Jack has won numerous times and I say, it's Chloe's turn to shine.


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