“Everyone Needs An Ivan Omar”

Now, before you haters start hating again, allow me to explain the aforementioned title.

I didn’t say that nor did I create that line to make myself feel important or good. It was actually uttered by my ex-boss - via an email written to his boss - and was related to me by an ex-colleague.

Apparently, and accordingly, when uttering this very sentence, my ex-boss further commented:

“Ivan was someone people loved to hate and while some do actually couldn’t stand his guts, most of us, sort of, become fond of him. But what makes him almost indispensable is his ability, without trying hard, to make us want to be better.

He has no issues telling people off and in this country, and in most organizations, we all need someone who is not afraid to tell us we’re not that good.”

All I can say is ‘wow!’ Oh, and ‘awww’ too!


I like to think that whatever my ex-boss said is a compliment; don’t you think so?


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