When Boredom Strikes

Doing nothing productive while recuperating would drive anyone crazy and I am no exception!

In between resting and thinking and reminiscing and regretting and doing God-know-what, I forced myself to learn the complicated workings of the XTML/XHTML.

I am not saying I’m an expert already but compared to before I self-taught myself, I am more familiar with the terms now and can do basic changes to the layout of my blog as well as embed some cool codes to make my site more engaging.

I like being a Geek!

Yes, I have become somewhat of a geek! But you know, I kinda like the feeling of knowing that I can change and/or add things to my blog. The internet is both a blessing and a curse; there are too much tutorials and guides that it’s easy to be confused and believe me, I went through days after days just trying to configure something very trivial.

Anyways, what I want to show off, really, is my ‘Gallery’ page. I created a navigation bar right at the bottom of this site and the gallery section is there, together with other pages. They’re very much still works-in-progress - I’m trying to transfer all my albums from Facebook - but bearing in mind that I did everything on my own, I feel I achieved some form of accomplishment, even if it took me weeks what others could do in an hour.

So yeah, let me show off what I have learnt and don’t forget to check out my Gallery and other pages. As I’ve said, they’re still very much under construction but let me start with showing y’all my album from my birthday last year. Just click on any picture and you'll see what I mean :p

Cool eh? Check more at my Gallery, even if there are only 4 albums so far :-)


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