Déjà Vu

On my way back from getting a haircut, and as I was filling up my tank, an old couple - probably octogenarians - walked up to me and asked me for directions. I smiled, I actually smiled.


I saw the apprehension in their faces. They probably thought that I was smiling because I was thinking of mugging them or something like that! LOL Anyways, I directed them to where they wanted to go but the look from the old man said it all; they just didn't know where to go.

So, not really having a choice, I told them to follow me and that I would lead them to where they wanted to go. It wasn't really on the way to where I was heading but it wasn't totally off the way either.

And when we reach their intended destination - their daughter's house, I found later - the old couple came to me and asked me if I wanted to go down and grab something to eat or drink. I politely said no, reasoning that I had to go back as I was itching from my haircut. They both laughed out loud. They then offered to give me 50 bucks for my 'kindness', as they put it. Again, I politely said no; I also told them that asking me for directions was good enough a reward and with puzzled looks, they just thanked me profusely.

As I said goodbye, the old lady came back to my car, touched my head and told me, "You are one sweet young man. I wish you the best in love; you will make someone very happy one day."


I was transported back to a time when something almost similar happened. It made me think of and miss the person I was with that night. And it also made me miss My Small Baby's 'Popoh' :-(

But more importantly, I came to the realization that you could miss someone or something so very much and yet do not actually want them/it back. I said it once and I’ll say it again: sometimes, to forget, we need to remember.

I’ve always wondered how it would feel to have an epiphany, I don’t anymore.


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