Confession # 6

Growing up in a manner that I did, I was exposed to the diversity of humans and cultures. And growing up in a city where being cultured is not something that one learns but rather, one lives as a way of life, teaches you to look at the world with kinder eyes.

At an early age, 10 to be exact, I was privileged to have been introduced to the world of the Threatre by my parents, who despite their own careers and causes, took it upon themselves to ensure that their children do not grow up ignorant. As academics, they knew that education wasn’t only confined in the class rooms; that day-to-day affairs is very much part and parcel of what is education.

And it is with this belief and views that they introduced us to cultured-living. Besides the standard classes – dining ethics, ballroom, etc – my parents saw to it that we should also be familiarized with the other form of story-telling and what is perhaps viewed as the epitome of cultured living – The Theatres. Contrary to what most people believe, the theatres are not exclusively for the Hi-So’s; they are meant for everyone who enjoys story telling.

The first Musical I watched and the first Theatre I went to

Anyways, my introduction to the Theatre was in 1982. My father thought it was only fair that, after bringing me to watch E.T. at the cinema, he should also bring me to watch Cats at Winter Garden. As a kid, you sort of know that something special is going on when your parents dress you up to the nines, no?

I didn’t know what to make of it, y’know?

To me, then, it was a bunch of performers dressed up as cats and they were singing and dancing; they even went down to the seats as they performed. My initial reaction was that it was no different from what we do at school; you know, when your class performs at the end of each grading period (semester), watched by proud and tearful parents.

What's a visit to NYC without watching a Broadway show?

So yeah, to me, it was ok; I didn’t really understand the full extent of what my parents were trying to teach me. To be able to be with my parents was already more than enough for me, y’know? And to be dressed to the nines, watching people act and sing and dance, were all a bonus.

But it was in 1987 that I truly opened my eyes to the majestic and breathtaking sights and sounds of the Threatre. In between my first and 1987, I think we watched dozens of plays - Annie, Chorus Line, Oh Calcutta, Evita, just to name a few.

When Randy Graff as Fantine - you have to be a New Yorker and a Theatre enthusiast to know who she is - took the stage and sang ‘I dreamed a dream’ midway through the first act, it was then I realized for the first time, the power of the Theatre. It was also the first time that my eyes were encircled with tears while watching a Musical.

My favorite Musical ever for what it taught me

And that was when I got hooked to the Theatre. I even went back to watch Cats and that time around, I understood what the whole hullabaloo was all about.

So yeah, this is my confession; that once upon a time, I was a cultured human being who not only watched Musicals, but actually thoroughly enjoyed them!

But it didn’t last long though, unfortunately.

During those times, I’ve already developed a massive passion for Air Jordan’s and Hip-Hop. It was almost impossible to blend those together, and coupled with the teenage angst of wanting to rebel ala Holden Caulfield, I chose to go with Air Jordan’s and Hip-Hop.

This confession was brought about by my last entry below, about SuBo losing to a bunch of ok-only dancers as well as, after looking at the date, remembering that last year today; I introduced someone to my world, on a night that I thought would last forever.

Anyhow, as I viewed back the video of her audition and reminisce about the first time my colleagues and I first went out together, to attend a graduation party, I was brought back to a time when I viewed life, no matter how difficult it was then, as it is now, with optimistic eyes.

I used to love watching the traffic

But I don’t see the world that way anymore. Having lived through the best and worst times life has to offer changes one’s perception. And mine has certainly changed. What I thought would be the start of something magical and everlasting - just like SuBo’s career - fizzled out in less than a year.

But that’s life, isn’t it?

Anyways, I’m pretty much done with Air Jordan’s and Hip-Hop is not what it used to be. I guess it’s time go back to the times when I was cultured, and use those experiences, as I move ahead with my life.

Maybe it’s time to go back to my roots and remember how I was raised; and hopefully, once again, I'll see the world with kinder and more optimistic eyes.

It's time to move on...

Maybe it's time to dream a dream "when hope was high and life worth living"; maybe it's time to dream a dream "that love would never die" and "that God would be forgiving"

Maybe it's time.


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