'Twas Something Then, 'Tis Nothing Now

Not too long ago, I had the privilege to be in the company of an amazing 15 year old who taught me that life is too short to be unhappy.

During our time together, she told me what most people I love and who knows me all to well always tell me, i.e. for someone who is supposed to be smart, I can be really dumb at times.

Anyways, one of the songs she asked me to listen to then was 'Keep Holding On'; I didn't know the song or who it was by. Of course I did find out afterwards and it was aight.

While waiting to watch the latest episode of Glee (Episode 20), they pre-empted it with the video below. It again struck me how things could change in a heartbeat; while the song meant something then, it doesn’t now.

Such is life, eh?

Oh well…

I kinda like the arrangement of this versus the original though. Have a listen by clicking on the pic.

I think I'm gonna do this the next time I go to Times Square; bring a chair and just sit down and watch people


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