The American Idol Season 9 Finale Was The Simon Cowell Show

It was, wasn't it?

The result was pretty much given. The whole world knew Lee DeWyze is going to be the next American idol, irrespective of whether Crystal Bowersox had the better voice or not.

But the whole show was undoubtedly about Simon Cowell. If truth be told, the whole American Idol was about Simon. Yes, there is that part of discovering a new talent but people watched the show because of Simon and that's the truth.

I am not going to do a recap but instead, I'll list my top 3 favorite moments of the finale and here they are: (click on the pics to watch the videos)

3. The Announcement

It's very much given but I thought we could see a shocker but we didn't.

Oh well...

2. The Tribute

It was nice to watch all previous winners - except for David Cook - coming together to sing a song to Simon.

I also love the segment before that, when Simon told Carrie Underwood that he was going to make a prediction, that she was going to win that year and that she would sell more records than anyone else. It's been proven true and that's the foresightedness of Simon.

1. The Best of the night

With the way the night was programmed, I held my breath, hoping that 'he' would be there; highly unlikely considering what he just went through but...

If you listen carefully, at the 38-45 seconds mark, that is when Bret came in and I knew that dude is gonna be there! On a more personal note, I've always loved this Poison classic and I was reminded of someone - if you know the lyrics, you'll understand what I mean - as soon as it dawned on me that Casey James was gonna play 'Every Rose.'

Definitely the highlight of the night. Even My Small Baby - who's a rock chick, by the way - would agree. Not a fan of the show, she actually sang along when it was played; to get My Small Baby to sing is no easy task and when she sings to a tune, the song must be very special.

And 'Every Rose' is special.

So yeah, there's one more year of American Idol but who's gonna watch now that Simon's gone? I really believe that the ratings are gonna nose dive and that it's just not gonna be the same.

I'm gonna move to 'X Factor' starting next year :-)


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