What Would You Do?

If you were contacted by an old college classmate, who incidentally runs one of the most visited scandal websites in the world, and asks you to ‘allow’ him to post some very, very intimate pictures and videos of someone you personally know, what would you do?


Not too long ago, someone I was once close to had intimate videos and pictures of her floating around the net brought about by a lost computer. There were a few trickles of those pictures here and there but they were all contained.

I have always been against freedom of speech or any form of censorship

In such cases, there is only one site that wouldn’t think twice of publishing them without fear and lucky for the girl, I happened to know him personally. I then asked this old classmate and friend of mine to holler at me and not publish anything should he receive any incriminating visuals about this person I know and he promised me that he has my back on this matter.

Here’s the thing though. He just wrote me an email today to tell me that the pictures and videos that I wanted repressed has reached him. I know he wants to put them up but because we go a long way back, he still has the decency to ask me.


I’m seriously in a quandary. I want to do the right thing but I also know that she doesn’t deserve my help at all.


Should I or shouldn't I allow?

I’m just gonna sleep on this for a couple of days and see if this girl could and would give me one reason why I should continue to help her. Or maybe, she could get her friends to help; 2 people come to mind – a cheating, lying slut in Brisbane and a wannabe, gay loser in Penang.


Decisions, decisions.


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