I'm Sorry I Can't Do It


I can't bring myself to give consent and allow my ex college buddy to publish the videos and pics of someone whom, despite her current hate campaign against me, was once dear to me.

I made a U-turn in my decision and I know it's the right thing to do. Only time will tell if I'm right or wrong.

I said yes a couple of days back but I immediately backtracked and asked him not to; not because I still care but because it's just the right thing to do.

After all, I promised myself that I would change when I get out of my slump and now that I am getting better, it's only right that I remain steadfast in making myself a better person.

It doesn't even matter anymore whether she deserves to be helped or not; what matters is that I am doing the right thing. Whatever happened, whatever lies that have been spreading around, I know at the bottom of her core being, she is a good person.

As for my buddy, I'm glad he found another Malaysian sex scandal to post! haha


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