Thanks But No Thanks


I don’t know whether to laugh, curse or think it’s some kind of twisted fate.

I just got off the phone with a headhunter and she asked if I am interested in joining an IT MNC based in little old Penang.


I politely but firmly told her that I’m not interested for a number of reasons but primarily because: i. I used to work in for Dell and I don’t think I’m much of an IT man, even if it’s a marketing post and ii. I may have a soft spot for the island but it’s a place I can’t see myself living in again

I had a good time when I worked for Dell. It was my first venture into the IT industry and while it allowed me to do some remarkable marketing works, the whole IT modus operandi and the people in it are something I am not really fond of. It’s too rigid, too robotic, too impersonal and too suffocating and too predictable for a true marketer to really enjoy y’know?

And I have written many times in the past why I just can’t see myself settling - even temporarily - in the island. In essence, it’s just too boring for me. I don’t mind visiting the place once in a while but to live there and do the same things and visit the same places over and over again?

Hell No!

So yeah, thanks but no thanks.

But more than that, God really has a funny sense of humor no?


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