Seek And You Shall Find

See anything different about my blog?

Yup, I changed the layout a bit and fiddled with some other stuff such as the background and the header. I don’t what y’all think but I kinda like it; I’m still undecided with the rotating header though.

But you know what? I fucking did everything on my own!


I know you computer geniuses would be probably go, ‘so what?’, but hey, I don’t know crap shit about computers, let alone fiddle with the XTML/XML stuff. I spent the last few days, while stuck at home recuperating, learning the basics and I think it turned out not too bad.

I guess like in life, if we really put our hearts and minds into doing something, with enough grit and determination, the chances are we will achieve whatever it is that we’re aiming for, no? I know my little experiment with my blog layout is no rocket science but to me, it was a whole new world. It really makes you think, and admire, people who do this for a living.

It's kinda addictive too. I have played on this for days and one would think that I would have created a whole new layout but the truth it, it's not easy y'know? Besides understanding the basic computer lingo, you really have to be mentally strong because the slightest mistake - omission of a a letter or a number, for example, - could ruin the whole website. That's how frustrating it is, and add the fact how competitive I am, you'll get a fool who refuses to concede and/or ask for an expert's help.


Oh well.


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