A Loss Could Be A Beginning

As they say, sometimes a loss can be a gain.

When we lose anything that we cherish, the sense of emptiness we are left behind with can be overwhelming no? When a space that was once filled with laughter and joy, whether in our lives or in our hearts, is now void, the feelings of pain, loss and separation is sometimes difficult to bear.

But rather than mope about it for eternity, look at it on a more positive light; why not look at the loss as means and chance for a new beginning? Believe you me, when you’re done mourning and moping about the loss, the void created by a lost job or a lost relationship can then be viewed as an open canvass that you can paint your own masterpiece on; be it new career, new loves, new experiences, new opportunities, new dreams, new friends and a whole lot of new ways to grow and evolve.

I ain’t saying it’s easy but if you’re determined and focused, you will find that there are many ways to work around and through the threads of what you lost into a blessing. Say, you just lost a job; it’s only natural to be thinking about filling that void with something similar but what’s the rush?

Similarly, if you just went through a bad break-up, you’ll probably think of going out there, enjoy your singlehood but at the same time, you’re on the lookout for a replacement. Again, what’s the rush?

The best recourse is not to rush into anything to fill up that emptiness. If you lost your job, you can look at it as freedom to explore new opportunities. Likewise, the loss of a relationship can allow you to rediscover yourself and see where the mistakes where, learn from them and grow as a lover so that you won’t be repeating the same mistakes in your next relationship.

I know it ain’t easy. And if you think trying to get something positive out of such an ordeal is not an easy thing to do, then remember that you are not, in any way, devaluing what you lost or replacing them heartlessly. You are merely recognizing that in life, to allow something new – and maybe better – we need to let go. In doing so, not only are you honoring and paying tributes to what you have lost but you’re also more prepared to welcome the new into your life with an open mind and heart.

As Mitch Albom wrote in The Five People You Meet in Heaven:

"But all ending are also beginnings. We just don't know it at the time..."

Don’t you think he’s right?


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