Let Me Introduce Y'all To...

I’ve been meaning to post this entry for the longest time but somehow or rather, something always comes up that pushes this entry.

I also know that I need to post this before I get back because chances are, I’ll probably either be swamped with things to do and/or I’ll totally forget about this entry again.

Anyways, please allow me to introduce y’all to ‘The Kent Girls!

Well, they do have names but that is how I refer to them collectively LOL I was once the Kent Man when I was still with G2 Asia-Pacific and these girls were working with G2 KL handling, errr, Kent!

Like duh! LOL

The Kent Girls comprise of Esther Fung @Tin-Tin, Syahirah Din @Din-Din and Melissa Fernandez @Tot-Tot. If you know me enough, you’ll know that I like to give people nicknames and I’ll explain why I call them that way respectively.

Mel, or Tot-Tot as we call her, is the elder sister of the trio. Being the oldest, she was also their boss when she was still with G2KL; I don’t know where she is now. She’s also half-Filipina and a twin herself and that is why we clicked instantly.

She is known as Tot-Tot because she has a very nice ass! LOL A closet romantic, she's the type to hold on to things forever and believe you me, we tried everything to hook this girl up to no avail. Luckily though, she's found someone and we're all glad for her.

Sya or Din-Din is the resident clubber in the group and was an AE with G2KL but is now with O&M handling Maxis. It doesn’t matter if the world is coming to an end, as long as it’s Thursday night, you will find her in Zouk dancing the night away to Goldfish’s tunes! LOL

Din is also the ‘aunty’ amongst the Kent Girls; she’s the one to go to when the rest are in need of advices about life and love. She ain’t that old but she does have an old soul and that is what makes her special.

She has always been there for me as and when I needed her. And because I don’t hit women, she promised me she’s gonna slap the shit out of some cheating slut for what she has done and gossiped about me! So yeah, anyone of you who knows the slut, tell her Din’s waiting for her and as soon as they meet, she’s going to be introduced to Din’s right palm. Or is it fist Din? LOL

Esther or Tin-Tin or Fung or Sergeant as we call her is an AE with G2KL. She is my homegirl, a fellow Sabahan and also a ‘budak Sandakan.’ She’s a tomboy in so many ways but between the three, she’s the one who knows how to flirt the best. Beneath her rigid ways lies a heart pure as gold.

Fung is a lovely, lovely girl. She’s got a great heart and has always helped me in anything and everything I needed and wanted, without even asking why. It’s hard to find someone like her nowadays and that is why I am so thankful that I have her in my life.

Where in the world will you find someone who will prioritize other people’s happiness over hers? That is Tin-Tin; she always has other people’s interest first before hers. I have told her many times that she needs to put herself first before other people and all I can hope for is she listened.

During my time with G2 Asia-Pacific, the Kent Girls were my constant companions. We had breakfast together, smoked together, lunched together and were together for happy hours while waiting for the traffic to subside. Together with Urfi, we always rolled together and were somewhat a clique of our own within the Grey family.

But alas, all good things must always come to an end. The Urfman was relocated to Seoul, I left the network and so did Sya and Mel went missing. But despite being in different places nowadays, Fung and Din and I have managed to preserve the friendship.

I can’t thank them enough for always being there for me when I needed a friend. And whatever happens, I know for a fact that we will always be friends.

To The Kent Girls, thank you for everything.


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