Just A Clarification

I received a lot of queries - mostly from my female readers - with regards to the pictures I used at the bottom of my blog to indicate the 'Older' and 'Newer' posts. One of them even wrote and said that the only difference she could pinpoint is that one looks newer while the other looks old! LOL

I guess they're just confused as to which is which. True Sneakerheads would be able to immediately stop the difference; just looking at the heel is a dead give away already.

Anyways, simply put, the one on the left is the 2007 released Air Jordan IV Retro White / Varsity Red / Black or better known as AJ IV 'Mars'. I am not going to explain why they're called 'Mars' in this entry but maybe at a later time.

The one on the right is the original AJ IV White / Varsity Red / Black that came out in 1989 and are also known as the AJ IV Fire Reds.

It's a no brainer actually no? The 2007 released, because it is newer, refers to the 'Newer' posts while the 1989 OG then refers to the 'Older' posts. It's as simple as that :-)

I hope y'all don't get confused from now on.

Oh, try clicking on the above pictures, you'll be surprised! I self-taught myself to do that and in my next entry, I will be talking about it more.


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