Isn't It A Shame?

I know lot of people in Malaysia profess to be die-hard fans of the hit show “How I Met Your Mother’ but when I ask them if they have read ‘The Bro Code’, nine out of ten give me the ‘what the hell are you talking about’ look.

It’s said, ain’t it?

But then again, I can’t really blame them. No, actually I can and I will. How could anyone claim to be die-hard fans and yet not know of the book? It’s akin to being a fan of Harry Potter movies and do not know that they were based on the books; don’t you think so?

Anyways, to those who haven't read 'The Bro Code', I seriously implore you guys to get a copy or download from the net. It's hilarious and yet, very 'on the spot'; a must-read for guys specially the wannabe playas.

As for the 'know it all' behavior, I guess it’s a Malaysian thing, y’know? I think a lot of Malaysians are guilty of being swept by something - be it movies or sitcoms, etc – and yet do not know, or do not care to know, the background or surrounding facts behind them.

A couple of weeks ago, someone argued with me about the song ‘Don’t Stop Believing’. It irritated the shit out of me because she could have researched more on the song before making a grand statement that it was an original song composed for and sung by the Glee cast!

But that is most Malaysians for you! They tend to keep up with the Jones’ and jump into the latest bandwagon without knowing what they are.

It's a shame, really.


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