In Due Time

I've received a lot of calls, emails and texts with regards to this entry and a lot of you want to know what my decision is.

To be perfectly honest, while I haven't completely made up my mind, I already know what I'm going to do. I'm going to wait till my birthday to finalize my decision and have communicated it with my ex college buddy. Let's just say that I'm not as evil as people think me to be.

To those who pestered me asking me to say yes, y'all might have to wait a little longer to watch them. Or, I apologize in advance, maybe y'all will never will.

To those who asked why I removed the email from my original entry, it is because I was asked to by my college buddy and that's the least I can do. After all, what I'm asking from him is far more than removing the emails.

To the person who asked me if I have the videos and requested for them so that he could show them to the people who attended a launch event last night, the answer is no, I don't have them. And even if I do, I am not as low as you are.

To those who tried to use the guilt card on me, I'm sorry but none of them worked. I don't have anything to be guilty of at all. Whatever my decisions may be, it's not because of guilt but because it's either the right thing to do or it's because I couldn't give a fuck whatever the consequences are.

I hope this ends all requests and queries vis a vis my decisions. In due time, y'all would know whether I gave my 'permission' or not.

But thanks nevertheless y'all.


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