I'm Still In A Reminscing Mood! LOL

Y'all know that I love Jay Z right? And y'all also know that I'm a kid and have an incurable peter pan complex right? And as a Brand and Marketing strategist, one of my lifetime goals is to be able to live forever through my work.

When you combine Jay Z, young and forever together, what do you get?

You get Ivan Omar! hahaha

Seriously though, when I first heard the Blueprint 3 Album, two songs came out strongly: 'Empire State of Mind' and the one below. The latter just struck a chord with me because the rhymes just spoke to me in such a personal manner and add the facts that it's from the Jiggaman and sampled from one of the songs from my teenage years made it personal and memorable.

Again, have a listen...

The original from Alphaville

Hova's version from Blueprint 3


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