Idina Menzel Is In Glee!

I just watched the first episode of the 2nd half of Glee (Episode 14) and it kinda struck a chord with me for some reason. If you watch the episode, I'm sure you'll know what I mean. To those who are back in Malaysia, I don't know when this particular episode would show.

Anyways, the Broadway legend that is Idina Menzel guest-starred as the coach of the defending National Champions, Vocal Adrenaline. If you don't know who she is, then it's clear that you've never watched a Broadway show in your life.

No, I'm not being cruel, I'm just being honest.

But I have the feeling that Idina's appearance is not one-off. I have this nagging feeling that she could be Rachel's mom! There I said it. Both are brunette with amazing vocals, so it's not a far-fetch idea.

Don't you think they look alike, even in real life?

I'm just saying.

Let's see if I am proven right.


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