Friendships Are A Double-Edge Sword

Growing up in different parts of the world, I didn’t really have what you would call childhood friends. It’s hard to have them you know? When you move from one country to the other every 2 or so years, I can’t really say they were friends.

While I enjoyed my times with the people I met through the years, most of them are now nobodies but fleeting memories. Sweet times but memories nevertheless.

But as I grew older and became more stable and in placed, I started having friends and until today, despite not meeting them all the time, I know they would be there for me should I need them. This was proven recently when all of them gathered by my side to help me get through a life-changing moment in my life.

Friends? They come and go y’know? We all grow up and our relationships evolve. Just like love, friendships need to be nurtured. Whereas common interests and/or once-upon-a-time memories were good enough in the past, nowadays, to sustain friendships, it requires way more than not.

But in the end, as you grow up, you gain some and you lose some.

This entry came to me after the text I received this morning. It was from someone who belonged to a group of high-school friends who still manage to maintain their friendship after all these years. But like many friendships, while they are still close, one or two would always be picked on when they are not around.

I haven’t met all of them but I guess I met most of them. They are actually a good bunch; smart and each trying hard to find their footings and place in this world. Of course, along the way, I hear some of them gossip about the others and I just listened; it wasn’t my place to comment as I don’t know them. But at the back of my mind, I was thinking I am glad my real friends are not like them.

And when things went bad between one of them and her ex boyfriend, I was actually pleased that the rest was there for her and it’s truly commendable that all of them stood by their friend. It’s only the right thing to do no?

But it begs to be asked: would your true friends side you completely even when they know you’re not entirely right? Personally, I want my friends to tell me straight up the truth and I would appreciate it more. But that’s just me.

Anyways, some of her friends felt that he was not entirely at fault with what happened. So, while running to her aid in her times of darkness, 2 of them could not live with being 100% partial and support their friend blindly. They found a way to communicate with the ex, told and advised him a few things so as not to get him so pissed and instead understand that his ex, their friend, is just human who sometimes get way of her head.

Honestly, knowing what I now know, I’m really glad that I am free of these kids and more importantly, my friends are not like them.

I’m gonna end this entry with an anecdote I first heard while I was a kid and to this day, I think it's the perfect summary to what friendship is and must be all about: ‘friends don’t bitch. period!”


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