Et Tu, Gay Boy?


This is turning into something really ugly. And really testing my patience and resolve.

If you want war, I’ll give you war! I just hope you have enough ammunition in your gay arsenal to go to war with me.

I seriously am telling you to back off! You got the wrong person to bitch about! I know it’s in your nature to gossip about people because it makes you feel good and wanted and less of a loser that we both know you are.

In the last couple of years that I've known you, I have always rushed to your side to help when someone is bitching about you only because I considered you a friend. How many times have you confided in me that so and so said this, so and so said that; haven’t I always been there for you?

But that friendship has been thrown out of the window and nothing is stopping me from ruining your already pathetic life. Get a life loser! Rather than continue to be the wannabe that you are, why don’t you make your mama proud and make something out of your life?

In the spirit of the friendship that we once had and my desire to be a new and better man, I am giving you one last chance to stop bitching about me. Maybe you’re helping and trying to be strong for someone but bitching about me is definitely digging your own grave. Look, I know you’ve lined up some potential suitors and hook-ups; why don’t you continue doing just that eh?

I swear to God if I hear one more story out of your pathetic and sorry ass that you have been talking behind my back again, you’ll spend the rest of your life begging for my forgiveness and wishing you never crossed me.

Mark my word, gay boy!

Sigh. What a way to wake up!


I hope YOU didn't have a part in any of this. I like to believe that you don't but if I find out that you - you know I will find out - have, I'll take it that you're declaring war against me too.


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