Do You Have A...?

Most people sweat. I’m not too sure but I think everyone sweats; some sweat more than the others but I like to believe that all of us sweat in one form or another.

Why the fuck am I blogging about sweaty armpits?



See, one of my biggest turn-offs is girls who have sweaty armpits and don’t do anything about it. I mean, as I’ve said, it’s normal to sweat but you can’t allow it to overflow till it’s visible on your sleeves.

I personally think it’s a huge turn-off to see a woman whose armpits are so sweaty till it overflows onto your clothes. If you have sweaty armpits, for God’s sake, use a deodorant!

The best deodorant there is for women!

There was this girl I once knew and when her armpits sweat, you can see the stains in her sleeves. I then introduced her to ‘Secret’ deodorants and she’s been dry ever since! Haha Even if I don't see her anymore, she will continue to get her supply of Secret deodorants because a girl always needs to look her best and sweaty armpits are repulsive.

So, those of you who have sweaty armpits, it’s not the end of the world. All you need is a good deodorant and you’re on your way to your best.



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