Dayum! What Are The Odds?

Like everyone else, I have a YouTube account.

But unlike most people, I only have one subscription and that is the page of this Vietnamese girl called Cathy Nguyen aka lilcdawg.

Besides the obvious facts that she's cute and has a really good voice, it's her demeanor that made me really like her. I first saw her when I YouTubed Ga Ga's 'Poker Face' and if memory serves me right, I spent quite sometime looking at her other renditions.

Two of my favorites are her renditions of Keri Hilson's 'Knock You Down' and the Michael Jackson medley. Guess who she sang with in these songs?

No wonder the dude was familiar when I first saw him auditioned for Idol. Oh, and he seems to be so grounded and always rolls and collaborate with Asians. I read somewhere that his wife is a Filipina, so yeah.

Too bad he's been booted out. I think he sings better in these videos than when he was in Idol.

Oh well...


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