Come on Liverfool Liverpool!

Even if the Red Devils win all their remaining games, unless Chelsea lose, our chance of winning an unprecedented 4th EPL Championship and that sucks. Big time!

Giggsy had 2 goals. The United living legends have time and again saved the Red Devils!

I wanted to blog about their emphatic win over the Spurs last Saturday but superstitiously, I wanted to wait till Chelsea’s game last night, hoping that it would be like last week and that they would lose but unfortunately, not only did they win, they whacked the shit out of Stoke too!


Of the remaining games, the only team that has a chance of beating Chelsea is Liverpool and as much as I don’t like them, I hope they beat Chelsea. I know their fans would want them to lose; after all, they are the ones that hate Man United the most and they would rather lose than give the title to the Red Devils.

Nani had a wonderful game once again

Fortunately, the fans don’t play the game; the players do :p


C’mon Liverpool! I will walk with you this time around!


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