Blast From The Past

In the last 3 weeks, while recuperating and adjusting to the reality that I can’t have what I wanted, and being stuck at home most of the times, I allowed myself to go back in time and pushed it way back to the times when I was merely a teenager who had the world as his oyster to conquer and a life full of potential to live.

One of the things I chanced upon was ‘If You Leave’, a song by Orchestra Manoevres in the Dark (OMD). Most of ya’ll would probably be like ‘OMD who?’


You have to be a child of the 80’s - and by this, I mean you are already in your early teens during the early 80’s – to understand what I’m talking about.

Anyways, this song was in the John Hughes classic “Pretty in Pink” soundtrack. A lot of you would’ve probably heard or watched the movie and a lot more would recognize Jon Cryer as Charlie Sheen’s brother in the hit sit-com “Two and Half Men”. But to a true-blue 80’s child, we knew him as ‘Duckie’ from “Pretty in Pink”. *chuckles with pride*

Anyways, yeah, I heard this song while I was having lunch and it triggered a trip back memory lane, to a time when I was confident enough to tell the world that one day, I will make it mine. I wonder what happened to that confident dude…

He’s still in me and in these trying times, I had to dig so hard to find him and I’m glad I didn’t give up.

Have a listen and to all those who were born and brought up after the 80’s era, y’all missed a great time in music.


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