Bedtime Ramblings

I’ve always believed that people can change if they want to. And while I don’t believe in trying to change someone against their will, I am however a strong advocate of showing people what they can do to fulfill their potential and even if, at times, they think that I am changing them.

But when I was going through a very difficult time in my life, I realized that I can only guide those who deserve it. No matter how noble my intentions are, if the person is fundamentally a thrash, they will always be a thrash.

No amount of haute couture dressing can change that. You can bathe them in the best perfumes, armed them with designer bags, accessorize them with the latest cool gadgets, bring them to see different worlds and experience different cultures, elevate them to VIP status, show them the finer things in life and in the end, nothing could change the fact that when all these window dressing is taken off, a thrash will still stink.

And believe you me, I know.

And yes, I am talking about YOU!

Goodnight y’all…

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