Life’s Too Short To Be Sad

Over the weekend, I had the opportunity and privilege to be with a cancer-stricken 15-year old who, believe it or not, despite her fatal sickness taught me a thing or two about life.

For someone who doesn’t have much time to live, she was a gregarious and positive little girl. She has accepted her fate and while hoping that miracles do happen, she is also very cognizant that life could be taken away from her any time soon.

And instead of moping and feeling sad about her predicament, she looks at life with such positivity that one won’t think they’re not in the presence of someone whose life could be unfairly taken away from her anytime. Her positive outlook to life, the way she sees and looks at things rubbed off on me. Her positivity is truly contagious and it made me think of my current predicament.

Here’s a girl who is so sick and yet tries her very best to live life to the fullest and to anyone of us who feel that the world is not worth living anymore just because we suffered a few setbacks in our lives should take a cue from this wonderful angel and start living, truly start living.

I admit I have been down in recent times but meeting her was one of the greatest moments of life. Not only did I give her some form of happiness by being with her and spending time talking about my love and passion, more importantly, she taught me a lot in the limited time that I had with her.

So yeah, life’s too short to be sad. So, if you’re sad, don’t be. Go out there and be happy and even if it’s proving to be difficult, hang on there and keep your head high. The Almighty has a way out for all of us, all we need to do is believe and keep the faith.

Thanks Ai Ping, you truly are an angel.


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