It's Not Helping!

I don't know why you're doing this, I seriously don't get it.

It's one thing to shut me out but when you shut the people around me as well and for all the wrong reasons at that, it is really not helping y'know?

Do you know how stressful it is to get texts and messages from the people around me just to tell me that you're being a petulant child and a cold hearted bitch?


You really think these people have nothing else better to do in their lives than look at your profile every single minute of the day?

Get a grip of yourself!

You were a nobody until you met me. And you're back to being a nobody, trust me. So get off that self-created and self-imposed high pedestal of yours and start living in the realms of reality.

I so want to just tell you to go fuck yourself for what you're doing! But lucky for you, I have great parents who brought me up right. Unlike you, I don't take my frustration on the people around you.

You roll with people who are like you, they say. Do you think your band of friends are any match to me and the people I roll with?

Stop thinking you're still up there. You may still have had it even after we severed ties because unlike you and your wannabe friends, the people around me came from educated families and were brought up well too! But your cruel and heartless ways is not helping you; you've gone from that to being a total bitch and believe you me, you'll one day regret acting like you are somebody. You are, my dear, clearly a nobody and you certainly have no right to be acting otherwise.

I know what you're going through and I'm sympathetic. I want to continue to be there for you but your actions are not helping. Please don't make me regret my decisions.

In times when I am going through the most difficult times in my life, it is them who are here for me and not you. And albeit they don't agree to what I am doing - in still wanting to help you even if you clearly don't deserve it - they understand.

I'm really tired...

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