Confession # 9

Ok, I admit it’s supposed to be only # 5 but I have good reasons my I’m jumping to my favorite number.

So, what’s the biggest confession?

I was born a twin!

Not many people know that about me. But I guess it’s time to tell anyone and everyone who care to know. So yeah, I had a twin but both of us suffered convulsions and died on the 19th of December 1972. But the greatest idol of my life, my dad, didn’t give up and declared that he was not gonna lose both of his sons and when pressed to make a decision, he randomly pointed me out and the doctor tried to revive me and since I am writing this entry before you, you know that by the grace of the Almighty, they succeeded.

Oh, here’s another confession but I’m not gonna write a separate post about it as it’s related to this confession. The name given to me is not Ibrahim Ivan Omar but Ibrahim Eban Omar; my twin was Ibrahim Ivan and I only assumed his name when I was growing up; in his memory as well as my way of honoring him.

Those of you who know me would know that I’m very instinctive; that I live my life based on instincts and intuition. It is maybe because I’m just cuckoo and superstitious but I like to believe that my instincts came from someone who has always been around to protect me.

Did it ever occur to you why I have everything in pairs? Two phones, two ciggie packs, etc. I bet it never occurred to anyone of you why, no?

Or did you ever realize that I am I am a walking contradiction?

I’m ugly but only dated only the most gorgeous women. I’m a dumdum and yet a certified genius. I’m successful but a failure as well on so many the same things. I have a big heart but hate with vengeance. I can go on and on and on and on to cite samples of my eccentricity as a walking contradiction.

But maybe, after this entry, you’ll understand why I am how I am.

Do I miss him? Every fucking second of the day! But I’ve always known that he’s never far from me and every day, I thank him. And tell him that I love him so much and that I can’t wait to be with him again.

And maybe the time has come for us to be reunited.


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