When Friends Do More Harm

Let me tell y’all a story.

Yes, another story.

This is a story of two people who are madly in-love with one another but broke up because of a lie.

A lie so great that it broke the wall of love built by the two protagonists – Super Human (SH) and San Sain (SS).

But the lie was not told by either of them.

The lie that broke a beautiful and promising relationship was told by a friend of SS and what’s most unfortunate is that she believed the friend despite knowing that the friend is a cheating bitch.

Oh, SH is not free of any wrongdoings though. In the beginning of his relationship with SS, he’s always had these harmless flirtations with the cheating bitch but to him, it was just that - harmless flirtation – and it’s as far as it would go. Moreover, he told her about all of these. He even told her about the cheating bitch passing her number to him the first they met.

Anyways, as the relationship of SH and SS progressed and developed into a solid one, the cheating bitch confided to him her deepest fantasies and secrets - from having an agonizing anal experience to fantasizing about being raped by vampires.

To SH, these were all harmless flirtation and sex talks. He was so in-love with SS to even think of doing anything stupid such as going beyond the texts and messages.

Here’s the twist though. SS told the cheating bitch once that she fell for SH because he was such a charmer and from thereon, the cheating bitch then started referring to him as ‘charmer’.

SS knew about all these flirtation and sex talks and when she thought it was becoming out of control, she asked SH to stop all communications with the cheating bitch. See, even if they are close friends, SS didn’t want to risk her relationship with SH because she knows the cheating bitch is someone that couldn’t be trusted at all. After all, she cheated on her ex to be with her current bf and to add to the complication, the ex is someone who was a classmate and a good friend to SS.

SH’s biggest mistake is that despite being asked to stop all communications with the cheating bitch, he continued to entertain the cheating bitch through messages and texts. The cheating bitch then confided in SH that it would be great if she could experience what SS experienced during their first date and proceeded to tell him about how over-protective her current bf is and blah blah blah and sad sad stories and how lucky SS is that she has such a wonderful boyfriend.

Taking pity on her, he then tried to make her dream come true of being a recipient of the ‘Super Human Charm’ and even detailed out what he was going to do to charm her.

Now this is where the whole problem started. SH had no intention of realizing this charm date, if you will but in the cheating bitch’s mind, it happened! SH seriously doesn’t understand what the cheating bitch was thinking but she came up with a lie about the whole date and told SS that it happened.

How could it have happened when SH was in the hospital on the said day? They did see each other in a club when he went out later that night to meet up with his colleagues and the charmer that he is, he even made the cheating bitch and her friends and her boyfriend very welcome by his generosity.

But despite all these, she repaid SH’s kindness and generosity by concocting a lie so absurd and proceeded to tell SS about it! To add credence to her lie, she inserted a bit of truth into her lie to make it more believable. She also conveniently forgot to tell SS however that she kissed SH one night in a club.

And the biggest tragedy of all? SS believed her and didn’t even give SH the benefit of the doubt! Is it fair to SH? No! It’s hard to understand what SS was thinking and going through and it’s even more shocking what she decided to do. She decided to end her beautiful relationship with SH based on the lies created by the cheating bitch.

That is where the two protagonists are now. Broken up and devastated. Do they still love each other? I think so. I hope so.

I just hope they could find a way to get to the root of this problem once and for all. Whether they’ll still be together, only God knows.

But one can only hope that true love will prevail.


Anonymous said...

i thiink i know who is in this story hehe

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