Sleepless in Depression

For the longest time, I’ve always suffered from sleeping disorders; two sleeping disorders to be more precise – Narcolepsy and Insomnia.

Whereas my problems have been manageable for years, my recent sleeping disorder is not a result of any of the above two but because of extreme depression. Yes, I am depressed and I’m not just saying that; I am medically certified to be suffering from depression.

And why am I depressed?

I may not be in the most perfect health but I can tell you one thing, depression is not something that I normally go through. I’ve always subscribed to living my life the best way I could and for the most part, I’ve enjoyed - a bit too much at times – what life has to offer.

So yeah, I am never depressed. Not even when things do not go my way; even when the chips are down, I hold my head high and continue the pursuit of greatness that I know I have to the potential to achieve.

But right now, I am suffering from clinical depression.

Why am I depressed?

It’s because the passion and love I have was summarily rejected and worst, for something that doesn’t have an iota of truth to it! That’s why!

The depression I am going through right now is the main reason why I have developed a very bad sleeping disorder. Whereas simple things like fatigue and normal medication like a cough syrup could cure my previous disorders, not even an Ambien could make me sleep in my current state.

I’ve had a total of 5-6 hours max sleep in the last 18 or so days and as a result, I’m down to 72 Kg and counting. I’ve always wanted to be around this weight but I wanted it to be because of proper eating habits and exercise, not due to depression!



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