Let Me Introduce Y'all To...

This is the 2nd installment of the "Let Me Introduce Y'all To..." series and today, I want y'all to get to know My Little Girl, Sharon Tan.

My Little Girl

Trying to describe her is no easy feat, believe you me. Honestly, I don’t even know where to begin to introduce a human being like her. Sharon is the poster girl of contradiction but that is the essence why she is amazing.

She is a pharmacist by profession and yet chooses to burn her lungs out by being a chain-smoker! LOL She is super-smart and yet, looks far from someone who’s got brains. A fellow Mensa member, you’ll never know she is one when you see her. Not that she looks like a bimbo or anything like that but she’s one person I know, besides yours truly, who is blessed with a great mind and intelligence and yet one would be forgiven if they think otherwise.

My Little Girl and I

But what makes My Little Girl very special is that she has a good heart. Not the easiest person to get close to but once you’ve managed to do just that, she’s someone who gives everything, not holding anything from making you special – as a friend or as a lover.

Sharon and I share (or shared?) a very special bond; a love-hate relationship that I don’t know where we are now. But this post is about My Little Girl and I ain’t gonna go into details trying to explain the complicated relationship I have with her.

Suffice to say, she can be difficult at times; hardheaded, stubborn and at times, ruthless. But beyond all these, she’s truly one wonderful human being who will go far in life, with the right attitude and guidance.

Oh, she just recently became single and if you have the balls to go after a rather difficult and spoiled but amazing girl, go for it and good luck.


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