Is This Really A Farewell?

My colleagues at The Hub gave me what is supposed to be my ‘farewell’ last night and while everyone who mattered to me were there, I had this nagging feeling that they haven’t seen the last of me just as yet :)

Mad props to my dude Jesse F, my fellow Planner who, errr, planned this farewell. I knew he wanted to throw me one because, in his own words, “he always throws everyone a farewell”. For a Miami Jew, that’s pretty sweet eh? LOL

Allan, Paul and Jesse F

Anyways, I must say, they did give justice to the whole thing; after all, I am Ivan Omar and I’m somewhat known as the party guy amongst all of us. But what made the night memorable to me is the presence of the ones I’m closest to from the hub; for peeps like Kevin and Paul to be there means a lot because they are not really into the whole party scene nowadays.

Sergeant, Spider and Silly Sally

The ‘Kent Girls’, as I like to call of them, from G2 KL were all there as well and it carried a special meaning to the night; after all, I am the ‘Kent’ Man. Or I was. The comical duo of Sagar and EuJin aka “The worst copywriters I have met in my life” also graced the night with their attendance, despite their perennial overtimes coming up lousy copies for Digi LOL

Silly Sally, Spider, Roz and Jo

Spider, Silly Sally and Roz also came and they are my favorite AE’s; I spent hours on end teasing and cock-talking with them, in between teaching them a thing or two about anything and everything.

It was truly a night to remember and cherish. To know that the people I like cared enough to come to my farewell means a lot.

And as I’ve written above, I have the feeling that they would be in for a surprise. Again, they have not seen the last of me yet. I am in the midst of finalizing my re-entrance to the network and while nothing is definite yet, suffice to say, it is something that I am looking forward to.

Thanks guys for a truly wonderful night :)


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