What A Disgrace!

He is currently one of the biggest hip-hop artiste around and a genius with the tracks and mic but he he is also the biggest douchebag in the world!

Yes, I am talking about the closeted-gay Kanye West.

Seriously, while the tantrums in previous award show were part of the act, his latest act in the Video Music Awards is just plain unacceptable and downright disgusting! I may listen to his music, like them even, but there is no way I could ever respect a loser like him, no matter how great he is at what he does.

If you haven’t got a clue as to what I’m talking about, just watch the video. Basically, Taylor Swift beat Beyonce for the Best Female Video award. In between her acceptance speech, Kanye just took the mic off her and said that Beyonce had one of the greatest video of all time!

How fucking rude and devoid of class is that?

He may be a great producer to my favorite rapper but his conduct is just plain disgusting. There is clear line between throwing tantrums to enforce your diva status and acting like a loser and Kanye is clearly the latter.

When Beyonce took home the coveted Best Video award, she did what a classy and educated human would do. She called on Taylor Swift to complete her acceptance speech that was rudely and disgustingly interrupted by the closet gay.

Thank God Beyonce is pure class, a top act. Now you know why Jay Z married her!


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