History Of Flight

To commemorate MJ’s induction into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame this year, the peeps at Jordan Brand are celebrating this historic milestone for the greatest baller of all time with a special online feature entitled History of Flight which basically gives all Jordan Brand fans some interesting facts about all the twenty-four signature Air Jordan’s.

This shoe-by-shoe insights is both a must-read for all die-hard fans like yours truly and to those who do not know much about the passion - or obsession, depending on who looks at it – that people like me have for Air Jordan’s but want to know, this interactive storybook-type explanations on each shoe is the perfect beginning.

Personally, I love the way they kept all the shoes in an all-white colorway; it adds purity to the whole presentation and considering that I was a kid myself when I started my love affair with Air Jordan’s, the whole presentation brings me back to the days when I looked at the world through a kid’s eyes.

Oh oh, you wanna know what’d be perfect? If they come up with a 24-pairs package in all white! I’d definitely fast for a month to get all of them!

Now that would be really something eh?

(I could have made my own pics but as always, I'm just too fucking lazy to do it; so, I shamelessly took the pics from freshnessmag :) Don't give me that, they also took the pics from jumpan23.com)


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