Off To Saigon

I’m leaving for Saigon on Saturday to attend a strategic workshop.

I don’t know why but I’ve always like going for such workshops. Maybe it’s because it requires a lot of strategic thinking and one needs to be in his or her element to participate. It’s also the only forum I know where sucking up to the bosses do not apply.

With the MD of Bates Vietnam during the Dell Consumer Launch

On a more personal note, I like going to Ho Chi Minh because it holds a lot of personal memories. I launched the Dell consumer business there and the peeps that used to be under me are still there. I also have an ex-staff from my Nestle days and hopefully, I would have the time to catch up with them.

Ho Chi Minh Statue

But what I’m really looking forward to during this trip, besides bouncing intellectual ideas with the clients and fellow G2 peeps, is paying homage to the great Ho Chi Minh! I have my own ways of doing that and I’ll just keep it to myself.

I can’t wait!


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