A Lost Brand

I’ve never been a big fan of the Heineken Green Room events. I personally think it’s just another classic example of a Brand whose essence and positioning do not match their on-ground activations.

And what is truly disappointing is that Heineken is not exactly a small fry of a Brand; it is of the most instantly recognizable Brand in the world and for them to completely lose their Brand essence and positioning in order to have people flocking their events is plain short-sightedness.

And pretentious too, if I may add.

My Small Baby and I

My ever gorgous Small Baby

Anyways, having said that, I did go for the last Heineken Green Room event last Saturday in Zouk. I was there to lend my support to Shaq, the dude we gave a farewell launch to a few weeks back, who is now with Ogilvy and handling Heineken.

The whole thing was ok-ok only lah; nothing much to shout about unlike the Hennessy Artistry. But as I’ve said, I was there mainly for Shaq and plus, I was out with My Small Baby so it made everything worthwhile.

The Prowler with Sya, an intern at Grey and I

The highlight of the night was when Verbal (of Teriyaki Boyz fame) took the deck and started spinning. This in itself is a huge disappointment for me. I mean, he wasn’t really spinning; it was more like changing CD’s during his set.

Furthermore, it was a cheap for him to play their most famous single and he didn’t even rap live but instead just made stupid remarks like “what’s up Malaysia” or some lame shit like that. At the end of it all, to me, nothing separated his set from the ordinary DJ’s that spins on a normal Saturday night.

Verbal and his groupies

My Small Baby and I left halfway through his set and moved to Velvet where the music was much, much better. It was a good night; it always is when I have My Small Baby with me.

Oh, I also lost my credit card due to my own carelessness :( went to HSBC to pay my bills and I forgot to take back the card from the card slot.

Oh well…


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