Hitler Is Alive!

No, not Adolf, the evil genius who wanted to conquer the world during WWII, he is long dead. The person (should I even refer to him as one?) I'm talking about is someone I work with.

This dude is far from being the best at what does. I ain't saying he's dumb either, he's just average. But there's nothing average about his ego at all!

Before I joined, there was a restructuring of portfolios and he was catapulted into the upper end of the organization echelon, not because he is exemplary in his job but by virtue of being the big boss' blue-eyed-boy.

Anyways, post-restructuring, he has gone on to become a ruthless and tactless person. The things he asks of his staff are so lame at times and he enforces his will in a Hitler-like manner; saying such things as “My House, My Rules”.

I do work with this Latino Hitler but technically, I am at a higher level. I know he doesn’t like me, after all, the chair I am sitting on is one that he lobbied for; unfortunately for him,he just doesn’t have what it takes to be sitting in the chair I am on despite being chums with the big boss.


Personally though, I think a person like him is just plain insecure. He knows he doesn’t have enough credentials in advertising to be where he is and hence, to hide this, he goes out on the offensive to criticize and pick on his subordinates for the dumbest thing ever.

I feel for his staff, especially one guy who is far better and far more experienced advertising man than he will ever be. Instead of capitalizing on this guy’s experience, he is humiliating him with the most stupid of directions.

Some of my colleagues advised me that the best way to survive in the industry is to be brutal and dictatorial. I don’t know if it’s a good thing but I have my own ways, benign as they may be, in forcing through my thoughts and mandates.

Let’s see if it works. If it doesn’t, then I know what to do.


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