Me And My Air Jordan's

A couple of months ago, my main man Point Blanc hollered at me at like 2 am and asked me if I am willing to be interviewed about my Air Jordan collections.

I was apprehensive at first but because Point Blanc vouched for the director, having worked with the dude in all his recent music videos, I agreed to do it.

And As soon as I met Kelvin, the man behind Materealize Productions, I knew then that agreeing to do this shoot was gonna be ok and that I could trust the man with not exposing too much, while still being able to capture the essence of what he wanted to show.

I made it clear from the onset that while he could see my entire collection, at least the one I have in the place where the shoot took place, I was not prepared to show everything I’ve got.

He totally understood where I was coming from, making the whole shoot a pleasant experience. Kelvin was a great guy to work with and I had a blast!

Thanks man.

Again, wear your shoes kids! :)


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