I Hate Skipping Work!

Am I mad, you’d probably ask?

Most people would rejoice at the thought of a doctor telling them to go home, armed with a medical certificate issued by the said doctor.

I don’t.

Not because I’m a workaholic or I love my job so much but because a day’s absence means double the work when I get back!

I do love my job but I wish there were more than 24 hours in a day. Right now, I seriously wish I had more time. Imagine planning for 3 different brands all over Asia-Pac all at the same time; trust me, it’s not easy.

There are times when I get confused with what I’m doing. Writing strategic papers for different brands with different tonalities can be quite confusing, especially when they are all due at the same time. And put being sick into the equation and you’ll have a “needs-to-rest-because-he’s-tired-and-sick-but-can’t-as-he-has-too-many-things-on-his-plate-right-now” planner.

The sad thing about people like us is that we never stop thinking about work. Even if I go home early, my mind would still be filled with work-related thoughts; strategies, directions, executions, etc. No wonder we’re always stuck in some corner lot of the office, given the space and time to think.

But is it healthy though?

I’m just wondering. . .


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