Get Well Soon, Kak Min

Together with most peeps in Malaysia, I am praying for the full recovery of an icon, a living legend and just a wonderful human being.

Yasmin Ahmad needs no introduction. If you're in the advertising and/or filmmaking world, you would know who she is. Kak Min, as we all fondly call her, is an award-winning creative director and filmmaker.

Her list of accomplishments is way too much to even mention here. Nor is this entry about it. Kak Min suffered a stroke and underwent a brain surgery this afternoon and while she is stable, her conditions remain critical.

I am one of the millions of man she has but I am also fortunate enough to have work with her during my Leo Burnett days. Despite all her accomplishments and successes, she is one humble lady and from whom I learned a lot.

Get well soon, Kak Min. I know you’re strong and will pull through. My prayers are with you and your family.


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