Enjoying The Weekend

Yesterday, I took time off from doing any strategic papers and headed to Subang to watch and cheer for the Grey FC team who participated in the Corbis Cup, an inter-ad agency Futsal tournament. We were the defending champs and the favorite to win this year’s edition.

I vowed to myself that I will enjoy the weekend; the weekend before that was unforgettable, truly wonderful as I celebrated my anniversary with My Small Baby.

Grey FC

Anyways, as the defending champs, a lot of people expected us to win again. But as soon as I arrived, the captain told me that they were playing the strongest team this year, a bunch of young guys ‘imported’ by Adoi magazine to represent them. We could have protested but we were not there to spoil the fun and just readily prepared to win the match, knowing that if we do a repeat and win again, it’s more meaningful and more satisfying.

With our Corporate Training Director

Unfortunately, we lost in the quarters; 2-3 in a penalty shootout. But it’s all good though. The team lost to a better one, albeit illegally employed hahaha Oh, Grey also participated in the cheerleading competition and despite making its maiden appearance, they won 2nd place.

Not bad eh?

The Grey Cheerleading Team

The Prince is yet again on the prowl; together with another prowler! haha

On most weekends, after working 50-60 hours on average weekly, all I do is rest and catch up with my sleeps. I am normally so dead tired by the time the weekend comes that going out even for meals becomes a chore.

Grey/G2 Family

Hopefully, in the next coming weekends, I will be able to go out of the house and do something. My Small Baby will be back from her South Africa/Argentina trip and I’m hoping to spend some time with her.

But before that, I am hoping for a stress free work week ahead of me.

Hope springs eternal, they say.


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