Disrupted Fun

After watching the heartbreaking loss of our team in the Corbis Cup, my colleagues and I went to the Hennessy Artistry event at Bukit Kiara last Saturday night.

I’m not a big fan of the whole Artistry thing but because they are a client and more importantly, the one last night was more of a Hip-Hop event, I decided to go.

And boy was I surprised!

The whole set-up was ridiculously huge! It was like a fucking concert with at least a few thousand peeps in attendance. Sorry for my ignorance but that’s the first time I ever went to their event and I am totally blown away by the magnanimity of the whole show.

Total madness!

The drinks were free-flowing all night long and I’m sure that’s why everyone was there. Honestly, how many of the people present actually drink Hennessey when they are clubbing on their own? Ha! I am no Hennessy drinker and I never profess to be one, unlike 95% of those who thronged the event. I feel for the sponsor though; imagine spending millions to introduce your brand and yet, the most you get to convert is only around 3-5%, if you’re very lucky at that. But such is the behavior of most Malaysians; they will go to any event to be seen and of course, for the free drinks.

Ad peeps and a pharmacist

Shaq and Sharon

My colleagues and I, lucky for us, got the right hook-up. We were situated in one of the VIP areas and while it was packed, it’s not as bad as the ones in the main foyer. I could not imagine myself being in that crowd; I would have fainted, seriously.

Anyways, I liked how Fatman Scoop came onto the stage. He practically jumped and rolled all over it and he was, to me, the highlight of the night. He brought me back to a time when the people around me knew what Hip-hop was all about, unlike the posers we have in this country.

Jolene, The Prince and Some Random Gay Dude trying hard to be straight LOL

Ms Tan and I

2 South Asian dudes and 2 Hokkien Chicks

Halfway through the party, I received a text message that nearly brought me to tears. Kak Min had passed away and I couldn’t enjoy the night anymore, even if I wanted to. I left the venue and walked around to where the stables are, enjoying the sights and sounds of the horses who laid awake in that melancholic night.

I am going to write about Kak Min. But not right now. I’m gonna let the whole spectacle – believe you me, it is going to be one – subside before I write about someone who taught me a lot and one whom I’ve always and will continue to admire and love. I am gonna write, only not now.

My Li'l Girl and I

What happened last Saturday night is a lesson to all of us. While thousands partied the night away, thousands more were saddened by the passing of a great human being. Life is to be lived fully and yet, we must also be cognizant of the fact that death could come any day, any minute.

We are, after all, nothing but God's creatures; living beings created by a far more supreme entity.

And let’s not forget that. Ever.


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