2 Farewells, 1 Day

Last Friday, my main man Jeevan or ‘Shaq’ as we call him bid adieu to the peeps at G2Asia-Pacific. He has been with ‘The Hub’ as the G2AP is known since its inception and the dude is a true tobacco advertising man trough and through.

He’s been servicing BAT since Kent first made its footing in the country and I know for a fact that his knowledge about the tobacco industry and Kent in particular will be missed.

Shaq with the cretive peeps - Melissa and Dan

The G2 Asia-Pacific peeps in the lift

But Shaq was beyond just a colleague. He was one of the first guys who I befriended with when I moved to The Hub. During the countless smoking breaks we took together, I learned about the Kent Brand and its products faster because of him. We took our breaks for him to bring me up-to-speed with what’s what as well as who’s who and the politics of the industry.

We’ve partied together too! Being a fellow hip-hopper - though he’s not quite as loyal as I am – it’s easy to go to the same place and appreciate the music. Oh, he dresses like a hip-hopper too! LOL Then again, if you’ve seen Shaq, that is not only kind of clothing he would fit into!

Anyways, we had out farewell launch for him at Hakka Restaurant and because he was well liked most of the peeps in the office turned up. All in all, it was a good send off but of course, those close to him knew that we haven’t seen the end of Shaq just as yet.

An Aussie, a Kiwi and a Chilean

Later that night, I was invited to another farewell; this time, for Rayann, a planner with Grey Worldwide. I just recently got to know him but because we’re both doing the same thing – did I tell y’all that I’m the planner for Kent, Lucky Strike and JPGL for the whole Asia-Pac? – and plus, we both ball, the closeness was instant.

So, yeah, together with the guys from GWW, we went for his farewell at La Bodega in Pavillion. If I’m not mistaken, only 3 of us were from The Hub and majority of those who were there were peeps from the local Grey and G2.

The Prince from Bangladesh who is a British citizen is always on the prowl!

Some of the peeps who attended Rayyan's farewell

I can’t remember saying goodbye to two colleagues in a day. But that’s the beauty of the advertising industry; despite the politics and cliques and stress, it is indeed an industry where people are valued and feted even when they leave.

I have worked in so many industries and MNC’s but I could say that the world of advertising is where I belong.


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