Who Is The Biggest Idiot?

Let me tell y’all a story.

It’s based on true events and the protagonists are people I know personally. It’s a classic love-triangle but with a slight twist. Normally, I would not be too bothered about such thing because albeit I know them personally, I feel that it’s really not my business. I could only sympathize and try to understand the miseries that the aggrieved person must be going through.

Anyways, here it goes…

Boy meets girl and simply put, after a whirlwind courtship, they fell in-love. In the process of their relationship, boy meets the girls’ best friend, who is another boy. Everything was going great and even when the girl is not around, the boyfriend and the best friend became friends on their own.

After a few months, the boyfriend found it disturbing that the best friend always makes use of his girl friend but thought nothing of it as he knew how close they were. Then one day, the best friend got into trouble and knowing how much he meant to the girlfriend, the boyfriend offered to help. It was not the first time the boyfriend helped the best friend but even when he had doubts, he still gave him the benefit of the doubt, always continuously thinking that the best friend meant the world to the girl he loved.

The boyfriend proved to be right. The best friend betrayed them by saying that he was in trouble when in fact, he used the help he got from the couple to impress a girl whom he was going after. When the girlfriend found out that her best friend betrayed him, she went berserk! She was deeply hurt and didn’t even want to talk to the best friend.

The boyfriend couldn’t stand to see his girlfriend in this situation. He also didn’t want them to drift apart as he understood the meaning and the values of friendship. He then organized a meet up between the two and let them thrash their issues so that they could let bygones be bygones and continue their friendship.

The best friend broke down into tears, profusely apologizing and promised to mend his ways. He also assured that it was a total lapse of judgement on his part and promised the couple that it will not be repeated again. He even promised that he will stop seeing the girl he was going after.

The boy friend again found it disturbing the way his girlfriend easily accepted the best friend back. But he was also happy that they managed to sort their issues out and still remained friends. While all this was happening, the girlfriend went for a holiday to celebrate a milestone in her life.

While the girlfriend was away, the best friend hooked up with the girl he was after despite promising that he would stop seeing her. He also continued telling the boyfriend that he deserved better, that he should be dating girls who are of the same class and stature as he is.

Already bothered by the best friend’s attitude, the boyfriend just let it be and didn’t do anything; he just politely declined the offer everytime the best friend asked him out.

The problem started when the couple argued a lot when the girlfriend was on holiday. Little do they know, the best friend was feeding them differing stories and these were the main source of their arguments. The girlfriend believed his best friend of course and the boyfriend believed the best friend as well as he knew how close they are and truly knows how much the girlfriend cares for her best friend.

Fast forward to the future. The girlfriend is celebrating another milestone in her life. The boyfriend found out that he had no part in the celebration and was hurt. Because he truly loved her, he then created a way to be part of the whole celebration and asked the best friend’s help to organize something for her. He also wanted the best friend to further redeem himself in seriously apologizing to the girlfriend.

In all fairness to the best friend, he indeed initiated the whole celebration. A few days before the actual event, the boyfriend found some things that disappointed him. He found out that his girlfriend has totally forgotten the best friend’s past mistakes and he was back to being the 2nd fiddle. He also found out that the best friend had been bragging to people that he owned the girlfriend and that between him and the boyfriend, he knew that the girlfriend will choose him over the boyfriend without so much a thought.

The boyfriend was fuming mad and vastly disappointed in both his girlfriend for continuously allowing herself to be stepped on the head by the best friend; and the best friend for continuously stepping on his girlfriend’s head. Admittedly, I think the blame should be on the girlfriend for her stupidity in allowing her best friend to roll all over, but that is just my personal opinion.

Anyways, during the celebration, the best friend chose, yet again, to go somewhere with the girl he was after. This proved to be the final nail in the coffin, so to speak, for the boyfriend. He couldn’t take the best friend’s nonchalant attitude anymore. He just didn’t care about the feelings of the girlfriend and decided that he didn’t want anything to do with the best friend.

Having made that decision, the boyfriend found it odd and unacceptable that the girlfriend wasn’t even disappointed at being forsaken by her best friend in her celebration of another milestone. He was flabbergasted and felt that he would never mean anything to the girlfriend as much as the best friend does.

With this realization, he decided that the best way for all parties concerned is for him to just go. He couldn’t bring himself to see his girlfriend being stepped on continuously and he is powerless to do anything about it as the girlfriend seemed to be not bothered at all.

A few days before they separated, they found out that both of them were played out by the best friend. But the boyfriend had decided that the best friend doesn’t exist in his life anymore. And when he communicated this to his girlfriend, he saw how hurt and bothered she was.

Two days before they said their goodbyes, the boyfriend could still how badly his girlfriend was affected. To him, she shouldn’t even give the best friend a second of her day for continuously betraying and hurting her but the girlfriend thinks and feels otherwise.

At first, the boyfriend wanted the girlfriend to choose but having seen how she is grasping with her choices, he decided to be the better man and take off. He did that because he truly loved her and didn’t want her to be in a situation where she needed to choose. He also didn’t want to see the woman he loved being stepped on by someone not worthy of her time.

End of story.

What do y’all think?

Do you think the boyfriend should have stayed on and did he go out cowardly? Do you think the girlfriend deserves the boyfriend when all he did was loved her unconditionally? Do you think the girlfriend was blinded by her true feelings for her best friend? Do you think that the best friend deserves to rot in hell for coming in between two people who were in-love?

What do y’all think?

The reason why I am blogging about this is not because I know the people concerned. I just feel that some of us have been in this situation before and/or are going to be. If it does happen to you, what would you do?

If you were the boyfriend, what would you do?

If you were the girlfriend, what would you do?

If you were the best friend, what would you do?


Anonymous said...

Hello Ivan and what an amazing blog. I know you do not like anons and i am sorry for that..
I know this is an old entry but I suddenly stumbled upon it.

Out of sheer respect, im gona answer your question bc i am an avid reader of yours!

I think its not a matter of whether the girlfriend deserves the boyfriend or not (but we all know the boyfriend is by far way better than her)

If the boyfriend really wanted it to work, he would insist on asking for an answer (given, a fews days to think it through) rather than let it hang although he has gone through a lot. I am all for the boyfriend but by doing what he did, he just wasted all his effort, time and care to her (imo).

This is a sign that the boyfriend has given up.

If I was the girlfriend, I would show my boyfriend he too mattered in this trianglish relationship.

And if I was the best friend, I would feel so ashamed of myself and try whatever in my power to mend what is left for the girlfriend's sake and for the boyfriend's sake. (easier said than done)

Hope to see you write with so much passion and love again. Tq!

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